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I need I.T. Support Now!

Phone: 847.804.3515

Need I.T.?

Quick, professional I.T. help is just a phone call away. I need I.T. Now!

Phone: 847.804.3515

Need I.T.?

Quick, professional I.T. help is just a phone call away.

I need I.T. Now!

Phone: 847.804.3515

What can Arcane Computing do for you?

Everything that is I.T. related. In today's economy, many small and medium businesses need to cut costs wherever possible yet still maintain their high level of service to their customers. Having your own in-house I.T. staff is not always economically feasible for small and medium businesses who only need occasional computer work and network tasks performed. With Arcane Computing, you get the same technician every time who is already familiar with your site, network, computers and practices. This provides many benefits over trying to do it yourself, or relying on a technical support call.


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  • Web Page Design & eCommerce Sites
  • Workstation Setup & Maintenance
  • Network Server Setup & Maintenance
  • Software Installation
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Antivirus Consulting & Installation
  • Microsoft Office Upgrades
  • Peachtree Migration and Updates
  • Printer Installation (HP & Kyocera Specialist)
  • Email, Telnet, VPN, Web & Internet Connections and Services
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • User Account Creation
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Backups and Recovery

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No magic wand necessary, they're just computers.

Serving the Chicago area since 1996, Scott Livingston and Arcane Computing, Inc. have cultivated a practice of making magic seem just like technology for a host of clients in the small and medium business markets. Arcane Computing has dealt with clients of all skill levels in computers and information technology and have made it a practice to keep them involved in the happenings of their systems at the level of involvement they desire.

Whether you feel the need to know every detail of what is happening in your system, or want someone to "just make these darn things work right", we can accomodate you.

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Computer Business Wellness Program

... is the process of improving people's understanding, attitudes, and conduct regarding individual and company computer habits and security.

Combining common sense approaches with state of the art hardware and software is your best line of defence between your private information and documents and the outside world.

Inquire today to find out how to secure your assets from prying eyes and keep them out of the wrong hands.

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